Oscar Grand Stores are the favored shopping destination for all those who seek a wide variety of high quality products at optimum prices. Oscar Grand Stores are the first local hypermarket to provide an unparalleled enjoyable shopping experience with 6 hypermarkets in Cairo spanning across 20 departments.


This fast-growing Retailer needed to establish the core functionality for digital transformation systems due to the below core pains:
  • Master Data duplication.
  • Complications with the receiving, issuing and transferring goods that delayed the process.
  • Invoices verification consumes time and effort with no accurate outcomes.
  • Internal Barcodes for the units and quantities was missing.
  • Contract Management was running manually not integrated with the finance which left both departments in silos.
  • Planning and budgeting were handled manually using reports and equations to manage the regular and promotion procurement.
  • Complications with the fish and meat sales.

DBS team solutions

DBS’s Team implemented SAP latest and the state-of-the-art Retail specified technologies and solutions to Oscar Grand Store that helped them overcome their pains and make a good use of the utilized resources.


  • SAP provides the leverage of having a centralized master data over the entire landscape that ensures entering multiple barcodes for the same item number, with multiple units of measure and multiple sales and promotion prices.
  • Now with SAP implemented, Goods receipt process is now seamlessly covered after the 3-way matching feature as the financial document and the receipt documents are automatically
  • Invoice Verifications are now covered using a layer created by DBS that verify the invoices with total quantities and total amounts with the confirmation of the products receipt in the inventory.
  • By Adding a layer in the system that is automatically integrated with the Handheld, when scanning the internal barcode, we get the Weights and quantities that exists in the internal barcodes.
  • A unified pool for the supplier condition contracts to add all the clauses, conditions, durations, payment terms and due dates based on which the business volume automatically is calculated per vendor.
  • Using Material Requirement Planning (MRP) all the requirements are defined with different visions of planning for multiple criteria, while enabling the capability to run statically or dynamically.