Reliance is considered one of the leading companies in the concrete industry across Egypt , it holds 13 plant batches that are deployed and distributed throughout the country. The types of concrete vary depending on endurance, cement content and other factors.


During the digital transformation of implementing SAP systems, both DBS and Reliance teams faced many challenges, including:
  • Communicating with key users during Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Integrating between the e-batch system and SAP systems
  • Tuning the integration quickly and accurately
  • Operating difficulties due to the scattered locations
  • Maintaining the continuity of the production process during the implementation of SAP
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction during the implementation of SAP
  • Adherence to quality standards
  • Continuing to support during and post implementation

DBS team solutions

Upon the client’s agreement, a process order is created with reference to the client’s contract and the sales order. Through the integration between e-batch systems and SAP, data is exchanged between the two systems automatically. After the mixing process; the ready mix is loaded and transported to the construction site, then the planned quantity is compared against the actual quantity of the production process to complete the cycle. The client reviews the mixers, concrete pumps and their drivers information after receiving the ready-mix, then the financial constraints and the tax bills are established alongside reports concerning each client, batch plant or a product.


  • Enabled restraining batch plant managers to control only their stations regarding (process and sales orders, clients, warehouses, vendors...etc)
  • Enabled controlling the client’s quantities, credit limit and the pricing ,also the production mass is visible in the reports of each batch plant under each client’s name
  • Reliance now is able to control both raw materials and final products warehouse stock balances, and also they are able to evaluate clients, batch plants, products, employees (engineers, supervisors, operators ....)
  • Monitoring the batch plant operators through the integration of SAP and e-batch.