APEX Pharma is a marketing-driven organization producing top quality generic pharmaceutical products, aspires to represent an ethical model of pharmaceutical company, reaching the ultimate destination in the industry in Egypt and MENA region.


During the digital transformation of implementing SAP systems, both DBS and Reliance teams faced many challenges, including:
  • Communicating with key users during Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Tuning the integration quickly and accurately.
  • Meet regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Health.
  • Maintaining the continuity of the production process during the implementation of SAP.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction during the implementation of SAP.
  • Adherence to quality standards.
  • Continuing to support during and post implementation.
  • Storage locations control (as the unit of measurement of products are very small and materials are expensive, so accurate procedures should be taken).

DBS team Solutions

The implementation of SAP system had brought successful outcomes to Apex pharma. DBS’s team used SAP’s new methodologies to drive operation excellence. Some of these methodologies were ‘Material quantity calculation’ which calculates component, operation, phase and scrap quantities, as well as ‘Batch management’ to manage ,track and process products produced in batches , ‘Non conformance reporting’ to trace list of evidences in case any occurred ,’Batch recall’ which enables recalling finished products after distribution when a problem occurs in a specific batch, ‘Availability check’ to check if the availability of components that would be included in manufacturing processes in storage locations ,adding to that ’Credit management’ to implement the company’s wide credit policy through managing Apex’s credit profile. And many more as well !


  • Enabled Apex users to control manufacturing process successfully
  • Enabled controlling the client’s quantities, credit limit and the pricing ,also the production mass is visible in the reports
  • Apex now is able to control both raw materials and final products warehouse stock balances, and also they are able to evaluate clients , products and employees.
  • Integration between production lines and scale made it easier to disbatch ,calculate and produce.
  • Integration between modules made facilitates business processes.
  • Reporting wise ,it would be easier to generate important reports for all levels (managerial and users) on daily basis.