SAP Integrated Business Planning

Ensure business continuity in times of supply chain disruption by synchronizing supply chain planning in real time.

Enable new functionality to be adopted quickly with confidence

  • Embedded AI, analytics, and intelligent process automation.
  • In-memory database and simplified data model.
  • Capabilities and best practices for a wide range of industries.
  • Consumer-grade UX and personalized insights at your fingertips.

Design recyclable, sustainable products
Connect systems, people, and processes with an end-to-end digital thread to accelerate innovation.

Plan to reduce emissions and ethically source materials
Make agile, market-driven plans with supply chain visibility, collaboration, and intelligence.

Manufacture with minimal waste and environment impact
Streamline manufacturing with artificial intelligence, the IoT, and integration across the enterprise.

Deliver products and services with low carbon impact
Run fast, efficient, and sustainable logistics and supply chain management processes.

Operate in an energy-efficient and safe manner
Improve asset performance and reliability with intelligent enterprise asset management.